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APN Access Point Name   The APN is a unique identifier that allows connection to the network and it identifies the data access services associated with your account. The APN is the exit point from the 3G or GPRS network into either the public Internet or a private customer gateway.
Application Any program you use on your computer or handheld device, such as Internet Explorer.
API Application Programming Interface   An interface to a computer operating system or software program that gives other programs access to functions similar to those offered to users through a graphical user interface.
ASP.NET ASP.NET is a programming framework built on the common language runtime that can be used on a server to build powerful Web applications. By using ASP.NET, you can easily write dynamic, high-performance Web applications in record time.
Bluetooth Bluetooth technology lets you connect devices such as mobile phones, smartphones and PDAs wirelessly over short distances.
Broadband Broadband is the common term for a high bandwidth internet connection, that can send or download information much faster than a standard telephone and modem. 'Broadband' is used to describe any service that offers bandwidth of 128Kbps (kilobits per second) or greater.
BIS BlackBerry Internet Service   BlackBerry service for customers with POP3/IMAP enabled email accounts.
BES BlackBerry Enterprise Server   BlackBerry solution for corporate customers.


Domain The unique name that identifies an internet site. Domain names always have two or more parts, separated by dots e.g.
DNS Domain Name Systems (or Service)   Domain Name Systems translate a Domain name (which is alphabetical and therefore easy to remember) into Internet Protocol (IP) addresses (which are numeric, so you only have to type in the domain name and the correct IP address is found e.g. translates to
Dynamic IP Address Each computer or device connected to the internet needs its own IP address. Devices and sites that are constantly connected to the internet usually have a static IP address so the Domain Name System (DNS) can reliably route traffic to the right place. When you connect as an individual to the internet you are usually assigned an IP address dynamically - it is your computer's address on the internet for the duration of your connection and ceases to be your address when you terminate the session.
EasyBlogBuilder 2.0 EasyBlogBuilder 2.0 is a Web-based blogging journal powered by a self-publishing tool that enables the author to regularly and easily update and create new content. The blog consists of posts by authorized users and commentary from blog visitors. The number one criteria for blogging success is useful and fresh content, clean design and personality. Simplicity: EasyBlogBuilder is simple to setup and easy to use and it is available from right within WebsiteOS. Simply click the "Site Builders" option and "EasyBlogBuilder". The easy-to-use blog wizard takes you through all the required steps of having an effective blog site and incorporates visually appealing blog templates. Personalize: Keep your visitors informed about updates to your blog through RSS and ATOM syndication, while automatically archiving previous posts for easy management and future reference. Control: The blog administrator has the authority to assign, approve or delete visitor comments before they are posted. It enables the blog owner to easily post updates and receive comments – content is renewed and kept fresh on your timeframe.
EasyLiveChat™ Insant Communication Internet chat has quickly become a mainstream form of communication – and now it’s a hot new customer service tool. Vodafone EasyLiveChat provides yet another effective and efficient way for you to communicate with new prospects and loyal customers. EasyLiveChat will open the lines of communication by:
  • Helping to reduce site and shopping cart abandonment
  • Improving customer confidence and satisfaction
  • Enhancing understanding of customer needs and wants
EasySiteOptimizer Vodafone Hosted Services EasySiteOptimizer is designed to help you make your site search-engine friendly, maximizing opportunities for your customers to find your site. The intelligent browser-based application offers a suite of tools to select keywords for your index page; analyze your site content and layout; and submit your pages to the most popular search engines.
EasyStoreMaker A Web Store with Reliability and Performance. If you need a reliable, basic e-store application that you can set up and use in minutes with no hassles and you'd like it free with your hosting plan packages*, EasyStoreMaker is your e-commerce solution, it can get your business selling on the web faster, easier and cheaper! EasyStoreMaker is a powerful e-commerce tools that:
  • Emails Autoresponders for customers- Help improve your customer service, thank your customers for their orders!
  • Handles an unlimited amount of products and creates an unlimited number of SKU’s for easy tracking of your items- The more you have the more it sells!
  • Product management- Let customers know that an item is new or on sale!
  • Add images to your product listings- Show them what they are buying!
EDGE EDGE   Is an enhancement to the GPRS network offering a higher speed, but is not as fast as 3G or 3G Broadband


3G 3rd Generation   Vodafone's third-generation wireless mobile network (often abbreviated to 3G or Universal Mobile Telecommunications System UMTS) and it can deliver data speed connections up to 7 times faster than a dial-up landline connection (128 kbps uplink, 384 kpbs downlink).
GSM Global System for Mobile Communications   It is the most widely used digital mobile telecommunication standard. Originally a pan-European open standard for a digital cellular telephone network to support voice, data, text messaging and cross-border roaming. GSM is now one of the world's main 2G digital wireless standards.
GPRS General Packet Radio Service   It is the term for the second-generation wireless mobile network that can provide data speeds of up to 56 kbps.
GGSN GPRS Gateway Support Node   GPRS Gateway Support Node is the gateway between a cellular network and a IP network. The GGSN uses the APN configuration to assign an IP address and other parameters, as specified in the APN such as DNS, to the device.
High-Speed Downlink (or Data) Packet Access Is a recent mobile telephony protocol, referred to as 3.5G technology. HSDPA, also known as 3G Broadband or UMTS Broadband, is evolving rapidly with speeds up to 1.8, 3.6, or 7.2 Mbps (downlink) available. Similar to fixed-line broadband services (DSL), the speed is optimised for downloads and can provide upload speeds of 384 Kbps.
IP Address Every computer or device connected to the internet has its own Internet Protocol (IP) address. IP addresses can be dynamic and vary with each connection or static so the domain name system (DNS) can reliably route traffic to the right destination.
ISP Internet Service Provider   An organisation that provides users with access to the Internet.
IMAP Internet Mail Access Protocol   The successor of the POP protocol, IMAP is an Internet stanrdard protocl used to retrieve email messages from a central server that supports more advanced features such as folders and encryption.
JSP JavaServer Pages (JSP) ™   JSP technology offers a simple way to create dynamic web pages giving users more freedom through Java technology’s "Write Once, Run Anywhere™" capability. JSP technology separates content generation from presentation and takes advantage of reusable tags and objects, simplifying the maintenance of web applications. JSP technology provides users with two options:
  • The scripting ability needed to create simple and interactive Web pages, or
  • Scaling to support complex web sites that are fully integrated with enterprise class applications


LAN Local Area Network   Is when computers and peripherals in the home or workplace are linked together by cable or wirelessly to each other and to the Internet.
Linux A Unix-like operating system that was designed to provide computer users a free or very low-cost operating system. It is an established freeware solution that runs on a number of hardware platforms, including PCs, Macintoshes and Amigas.
Meta Tags Meta tags are HTML tags that allow search engines to more accurately list your site on their indexes.
Nameserver A nameserver is a server which controls the DNS for a domain. It allows you to decide which hosting company controls your webspace and email. All domain registrars should provide you with the ability to change at least two nameserver entries on your domain name, and hosting companies should offer you at least two nameservers to point to.


PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association   A trade association and standard body that promotes PC and Express card technology by defining technical standards. A PCMCIA card is a credit card-size device that connects to a personal computer, usually a notebook or laptop computer.
PDA Personal Digital Assistant   Now more commonly referred to as 'smartphones' a PDA covers a whole range of devices that run an operating system allowing them to be synchronised with the users desktop and therefore desktop applications such as email, calendar etc.
phpMyAdmin Vodafone Hosted Services phpMyAdmin is designed to handle the administration of MySQL databases using a web browser interface. By using phpMyAdmin users can create and alter tables, add and delete fields and create and drop databases. Users can also execute any SQL statement, manage keys on fields or privileges and export data into various formats. The phpMyAdmin application in WebsiteOS is an installation program that will allow you to quickly and easily install phpMyAdmin for use on your website.
POP3 Post Office Protocol 3   Is a standard protocol for receiving e-mail. POP3 is a client/server protocol in which e-mail is received and held for you on an Internet server. This protocol is built into most popular e-mail products, including Outlook Express and the major Internet Email services (Yahoo, Google). POP3 is designed to delete mail on the server as soon as the user has downloaded it - so it acts like a "store-and-forward" service.
PIN Personal Identification Number   A security feature on a mobile device so that the handset can only be used if the PIN has been keyed in. The PIN is defined by the user.
PUK Pin Unlock Code   This is a code provided by Vodafone (or network operator) to unlock a SIM. A SIM is most commonly locked when a user repeatedly enters an incorrect PIN.
Push Email Email that is delivered directly to the phone, automatically, as they arrive in the users inbox.


Registrant A registrant is the individual or organisation which applies for a domain name from a registrar. When registration is complete, the registrant gains the right to use that domain name for the time it is registered. When a domain name is due for renewal, the registrant will be given the opportunity to retain control of that domain name. However, if they choose not to renew the domain name, it will be removed from the registry and will become available for anyone to purchase.
Registrar A registrar is an organisation that has been accredited by ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) to sell domain names. ICANN have control over all gTLD (Generic Top Level Domains) but do not have authority over ccTLD (Country Code Top Level Domains). Vodafone is NOT a registrar, but instead we use a variety of partners to provide customers with domain names.
Roaming Is the term for connecting via networks other than your own. This would typically happen when you are abroad.
SIM Subscriber Identity Module   This removable card is the chip inside a mobile phone or device that contains the user information such as user phone number, phone book contacts, text messages etc.
Sitemaps Some search engines are now able to spider your entire site if you have a sitemap in your public directory. The sitemap is a file which is placed in your website directory; the search engine spider uses this information as a "blueprint" for your website, spidering the pages listed in the sitemap. Sitemaps are especially useful if you have experienced trouble in the past with spiders being unable to scan portions of your website.
Site Promoter Vodafone Hosted Services Site Promoter is a utility that gives you the ability to automatically send promotional material to select search engines to gain placement for their website in the search engine’s rankings and it submits the requests to the following search engines:
  • Google
  • AllTheWeb
  • EntireWeb
  • SplatSearch
  • SurfGopher
  • Subjex
SMS Short Message Service   Also referred to as 'text messaging'. SMS is a service for sending short messages of upto 160 characters to mobile devices including standard mobile phones, smartphones and laptops.
SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol   SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a TCP/IP protocol used in sending and receiving e-mail. However, since it is limited in its ability to queue messages at the receiving end, it is usually used with other protocols, POP3 or IMAP, that let the user save messages in a server mailbox and download them periodically from the server.
Spider Many search engines use "spiders" that roam the Internet looking for websites. These spiders crawl from page to page via hyperlinks, so the more sites that link to the end users site, the more likely it is that the spiders will find the site and place it in their rankings.
Symbian Nokia's mobile operating system.
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol   TCP/IP is a two-layer program or communicating over the Internet. The higher layer, Transmission Control Protocol, splits a message or file into smaller packets in order to send them over the Internet. This layer then reassembles the packets into the right order to deliver the original message. The lower layer, Internet Protocol, handles the address part of each packet so that it gets to the right destination. Each gateway computer on the network checks this address to see where to forward the message. Even though some packets from the same message are routed differently than others, everyting is reassembled correctly at the final destination.
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UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunication System   Is the same as 3G and referes to the third-generation wireless mobile network that can deliver data speed connections up to 7 times faster than a dial-up landline connection (384 kbps uplink, 128 kpbs downlink).
USB Universal Serial Bus.   USB is a plug-and-play interface between a computer and add-on devices (such as keyboards, mouse, printers, modems etc). With USB, a new device can be connected to your computer without having to add an adapter card or having to restart or close down the computer.
VMB Vodafone Mobile Broadband   Abbreviation for the Vodafone Mobile Broadband Software.
VPN Virtual Private Network   A network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or individual users with secure access to their corporate network. The idea of a VPN is to provide secure, mobile access to a company but at a greatly reduced cost.
VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol   Also referred to as IP Telephony. It is another way of making phone calls, without needing a traditional phone line (landline or mobile). VoIP is an extremely cost effective solution as it uses the existing Internet infrastructure. It transmits the sounds you make over the standard Internet infrastructure, using the IP Protocol.
WAN Wide Area Network   Used to link a number of LAN (Local Area Networks) in order to create a wider/larger network, for example between office locations of the same company.
WHOIS WHOIS is a public database which allows you to find out information about a specific domain name. You can find out who registered it, who the registrar is, and who you can contact about the domain name. Searching the WHOIS is also a useful way to check whether a domain name has been registered. The WHOIS database contains contact and registration information for every domain registered with a particular registrar. WHOIS databases are maintained by individual registrars and not by the central registry. For this reason they are not always fully up-to date. Most of the systems are updated every 24 hours, which means the results that they return can be up to 47 hours out of date. When you register a domain name with us, we pass on the contact details to the WHOIS. These will then be publicly available through WHOIS services. For most domain types this is a legal requirement. A useful site for checking WHOIS information is
WiFi WiFi is a term commonly used when accessing via a wireless 'hotspot'. These 'hotspots' are typically available at hotels, airports, conference centres and cafes. WLAN is available on compatible datacards and computers with built-in WLAN capability.
Windows Mobile Microsoft's mobile operating system.
Windows™ Services The Windows™ Services Enabler allows the use of ASP,, ColdFusion and ColdFusion MX files on your domain. Our systems will process these files correctly only after enabling the appropriate service on the domain. If you have an SSL certificate installed on your domain, secure services can also be enabled using the Windows™ Services Enabler.
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network   Wireless Local Area Network is a group of computers and associated devices or perihperals that communicate with each other wirelessly. The same as a Lan without the need for cables.
WME Windows Mobile Email   Microsoft’s push email solution using Microsoft Exchange.
WWW World Wide Web   The Internet, often referred to as the World Wide Web.