Deploying the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software across your company network

The Corporate customer version of Vodafone Mobile Broadband provides a connection to the corporate LAN via a secure VPN tunnel over the Internet. For ease of deployment and maintenance the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software can be custom configured and distributed for download from a central server on your company network. A three-tier support service is available to provide essential back-up to your IT help-desk, and get users connected in the event of a problem.

Topics in the document below include:-

  • Installation of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software
  • Installation and Customization from Command Line
  • Embedded Customization using Network Operator file
  • Embedded Customization using a modified User Profile file
  • Using Transforms for Customization
  • Scenarios for IT Administrators
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IT Manager's Guide: Vodafone Mobile Broadband Software

Installation guides for IT managers implementing version 9.4.6, 9.4.3, and 9.3.6 of the Vodafone Mobile Broadband software in their corporate environment. These guide apply to all Vodafone Mobile Broadband datacards.

VMB 10.3 Standard Install Guide V10.3
Enterprise Install Guide V10.3
VMB 10.2 Standard Install Guide V10.2
Enterprise Install Guide V10.2
VMB 10.0 Standard Install Guide V10
VMB 9.4.6 Standard Install Guide V9.4.6
Enterprise Install Guide V9.4.6
VMB 9.4.3 Standard Install Guide V9.4.3
Enterprise Install Guide V9.4.3
VMB 9.3.6 Standard Install Guide V9.3.6
Enterprise Install Guide V9.3.6
Windows 8

View the video and see how Windows 8 looks on multiple devices and how easy the new Vodafone Account Application enables you to enjoy a truly mobile connected experience. Plus get access to the latest support information.

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