R201 Firmware Updater Tool

This updater tool will allow you to upgrade the firmware and/or software version that resides on your Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi device (R201). The updater tool provides the following benefits:

1. It will enable the latest software functionality on your device which will increase stability and reliability

2. It will allow you to benefit from improved file sharing features which include:

  • SAMBA that allows you to map a network drive to the contents of the micro SD card for the ability to manage your files and folders via your PC/Mac’s standard drag and drop user interface
  • DLNA from Twonky Media allows your R201 to become a media server to share the contents of a MicroSDHC card with other consumer electronic DLNA-enabled devices, eg TV’s, Hi-Fi’s, tablets, handsets etc.

The updater must be run in a Windows PC environment. An updater for the Mac environment is not yet available.

Please download and read the Readme file before downloading and running the Updater Tool.

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