Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi R208

R208 Vodafone Mobile Wi-fi / Wifi

Mobile Wi-Fi provides the most adaptable way to connect your Wi-Fi enabled devices to the Mobile Broadband network, by creating a personal Wi-Fi zone simply and easily.

You can even connect up to 10 devices (such as an iPad, PCs, Apple Macs, gaming consoles and tablets) at the same time via Wi-Fi.

The device includes a high speed HSPA+ 42.2 Mbps download Mobile Broadband capability (5.7 Mbps upload) and is battery, mains or USB powered - this flexibility allows the device to be positioned for best mobile coverage.

The R208 can be configured to allow files from a MicroSDHC™ card (not included) to be shared among several Wi-Fi devices via the web browsers of the connecting devices.

Check the status of the device via the device display, a web browser, or via the Monitor App - Apple iPhone/iPad and Google Android tablet/smartphone users can download the Mobile Wi-Fi monitoring app from the respective app stores.

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Monitor App and advanced configuration for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch / smartphone / tablet users

You can monitor the R208 device and access all the advanced configuration options from the convenience of an application installable on your Apple and Android devices.

Apple iPhone and iPad device users should download the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Monitor app from the Apple Store.

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Android based Smartphone and tablet users can check the device status by downloading the Vodafone Mobile Wi-Fi Monitor app from the App Store in iTunes or the Android Market / Google Play.

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As an alternative your devices web browser can also be used to use the Mobile Wi-Fi web UI via http://VodafoneMobile.wifi or

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Vodafone Mobile Broadband is a wide range of connectivity options designed to make sure you have everything you need to get things done, wherever and whenever you choose.

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