Vodafone Locate

Vodafone Locate

Vodafone Locate is an innovative cloud based solution that allows your business to improve efficiency while taking proactive steps to support its employees.

For companies with field service: Locate has been designed to locate and track the SIM cards of your company’s mobile devices, linking field staff with the operations centre and also to each other.

This technology takes your time, location and safety into consideration – every vehicle, every employee can be located and contacted – so companies will reach their employees faster and more reliably.

Key Features

  • Full API access giving the ability to create innovative company specific services and mashups
  • Web interface for administrators and users designed for easy access with intuitive usability
  • Location, tracking and reporting of Corporate SIMS
  • No need for a device location client
  • Full compliancy with local & country privacy and data protection law
  • Creation and management of Point of Interest at company, group and personal level
  • Complete route planning with real time traffic display and always up to date maps
  • Meeting management with ETA calculation and alarms update

    Vodafone Locate is designed to use and share your  location and the location of  your colleagues in a business environment. But we understand that privacy is an essential aspect of location services, and we’ve built Locate to give you the maximum amount of control over how and with whom you share your location.

    Download the document below to find out more about:

  • How to control your location information?
  • Controlling when you are located
  • Controlling who locates you
  • What does Vodafone do with your information?

  • Download the Vodafone Locate Privacy Guide

    All Vodafone ranged devices work with Locate

    Every mobile phone that is equipped with a SIM card from Vodafone may be located in the cellular network. With a GPS phone, location accuracy is enhanced. Requirements for GPS location are a mobile phone with an integrated GPS receiver and one of the following smartphone operating systems: BlackBerry,  Android , Symbian S60 (Nokia).

    User configurable: Nokia only

    Nokia handsets can be configured by the user to access A-GPS and improve location accuracy.

  • Touch screen phone such as the Nokia N8 and C7 download the configuration guide
  • Phones with a physical keypad such as the E72 and C5 download the configuration guide

  • For any further information regarding device compatibility, which may differ across markets, please check with your local country website for country specific information.

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